A cordless drill is a cordless (battery-operated) electric drill. Most are equipped with keyless

chucks, starting at 7.2 volts up to 24 volts or more. Includes Rotary Hammers

large models may have impact, variable-speed, forward and reverse

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  • Angle

    Helps you do work in constricted areas, that would cause you considerable grief

    if you didn't own the tool. It easily reaches into confined wall and

    ceiling cavities to bore holes or drive screws.

  • Kits

    Includes cordless drills / drivers sets, usually two batteries and a charger unit. These sets

    also include drill bits for various surface types and a screwdriver and nut driver

    bits. Other related contract tools may also be included.

  • 10,8V Lithium-Ion

    Cordless Drill / Drivers, powered by the powerful but compact 10,8V Lithium-Ion

    batteries. These tools are used by contractors who install cupboards

    or DIY enthusiasts who enjoy home projects etc.

  • 14,4V Lithium-Ion

    Cordless Drill / Drivers, powered by the powerful 14,4V Lithium-Ion batteries.

    These tools are selected for DIY and economy industrial market

    ranges or for those on a tight budget

  • 18V Lithium-Ion

    18V Li-Ion Cordless Drill / Drivers, powered by powerful 18V Lithium-Ion batteries

    Cutting edge technology that is applied to these cordless tools makes

    them ideal for site where endurance and strength is required.

  • Ni-Cad

    NiCad Drill / Drivers are powered by nickel-cadmium (NiCd) battery packs. Over the

    past years there has been a wave of interest in nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) units

    Manufacturers claimed these new batteries delivered more power

  • Rotary Hammers

    Come with an industrial "SDS Plus" chuck. These go-anywhere tools bore fearlessly

    into concrete or punch holes through timber. Some models have a hammer

    only mode that allow you to chip off hardened concrete or crack rock