• Open Day - 25th June 2016 Mike Lessick Mica, Bosch and Dremel


    We'd like to invite you and your friends to join us on Saturday 25th, June from 08:00 am - 14:00pm, in partnership with Bosch Power Tools. There are Crazy Prizes to be won!!!

  • Mike Lessick Mica Hardware


    Ideally located close to OR Tambo International, in the heart of the Aero-tropolis, serving 1000's of businesses and D-I-Y enthusiast, open 7 days a week

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Abrasives


    Are materials, often minerals, that are used to shape or finish a work piece. This happens by rubbing roughly which leads to part of the work piece being worn away

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Adhesives


    Any substances that, when applied to the surfaces of materials binds them together and resists separation. The term "adhesive" may be used interchangeably with glue, cement, mucilage or paste.

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Builders Yard


    Any substances that, when applied to the surfaces of materials binds them together and resists separation. The term "adhesive" may be used interchangeably with glue, cement, mucilage or paste.

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Electrical


    Electrical isolators, earth leakage, DB boards, stove plates switches, cable, conduit, trunking, connectors wall boxes switches, plug, connectors, terminators, ferrules light fittings, globes, starters, ballasts, TV jacks, signal boosters and tools

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Fasteners


    Hardware devices that mechanically join or fix two or more objects together. Fasteners used in this manner are often temporary, may be fastened and unfastened repeatedly.

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Garden


    A wide range of hand and power tools for the garden. Including herbicides, pesticides, refuse bags and shade netting. Pool Maintenance have pool cleaners, chemicals, pool pumps, test kits and replacement parts.

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Hand Tools


    Any tool that is not a power tool – rather one powered by hand (manual labour) rather than by an engine. Some examples of hand tools are garden forks, secateurs, rakes, hammers, spanners, Pliers screwdrivers and chisels. Hand tools are generally less dangerous

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Hardware


    Range of hardware and consumables. From cleaning, utensils, chemicals, cabinet furniture, buckets, casters, containers, ladders trestles, batteries, rags, rope, cable, straps, shackles, hooks, clips shelving, automotive accessories plus household fittings

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Locksmith


    A specialised locksmith with call-out services, plus keys cut in-store, 2, 3, 4 lever lock sets, digital & keyed safes, padlocks, dead bolts, knob locks, lever handle locks, rim locks, profile cylinders, furniture locks, security gates, remotes, housings, remote batteries...

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Paint


    Is a liquid, or liquefied mastic composition, after a layer is applied to a surface, dries to a solid film. Commonly used to protect, colour and texture to objects. Paint can be purchased in many colours also with many different types, mainly PVA's or Enamel's

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Plumbing


    Are fixtures, piping systems, drains, valves, connectors, assemblies and devices that are installed in a building for distributing water for drinking, heating, washing plus the removal of waterborne waste

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Power Tools


    Tools actuated by an additional power source or mechanism other than the manual labour used with hand tools. The most common types of power tools use electric motors. Internal combustion engines, batteries or compressed air

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Power Tool Accessories


    OEM and generic products, which work successfully with all brands of power tools on the market. For angle grinders, drills, routers, screwdrivers and all types of saws and tile cutting equipment. quality of product is always maintained and improved.

  • MLMO Hardware Catalogue - Safety Wear


    Protective clothing worn for work, especially work that involves manual labour. Often those employed within trade industries elect to be outfitted in work wear, because it is built to provide durability and personal safety.

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